Rubby Scrubby

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Before this Memorial Day weekend you might want to make sure that your feet are looking extra smooth!

Try out the Rubby Scrubby to prep your pretty toes this week! A sparkling pink peppermint exfoliator in a mild shea butter soap base. Use with water. Take it with you into the shower or bath, and rub over tired heels and toes and everything in between to reveal the softest feet ever. Careful—you may never want to wear shoes again.

Pore Primer

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Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.46.12 AMA great time to review your pore primer is at the start of spring and summer seasons! You don’t want to use a pore primer that is going to melt off your skin with your make up in the summer sun!

Try the Under Wonder and your results and value that your get for this 1 fl oz bottle is outstanding! Prime your face with our satiny smooth formula. Simply smooth a pea-sized portion over clean, allow to set for 30–60 seconds and then apply makeup as usual. The Under Wonder Blurs fine lines and fills in pores to create a smooth canvas for your foundation. This Perfectly Posh Product helps makeup last longer so you look flawless no matter the time of day.

What Does It Do:  Helps make up apply more smoothly and stay put longer while filling pores, and softening fine lines and wrinkles.
How To Use It:  Apply a small pea sized portion onto your finger then smooth over clean, dry skin. Allow to set for 30 60 seconds then apply make up as usual. Use daily.

Walk on the Beach

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Scrub your feet with beach sand and sea salt while you nourish with açai and jojoba. Feel the sand between your toes and let it slough away dry skin and rough spots, leaving you with the softest feet. It’s a perf11054287_653353788127009_2061514849009735845_nect pedicure that you can only get from a Walk on the Beach.

Get your Saturday afternoon fancy feet into the game with this foot scrub. Follow up by moisturizing with any of the Skindelicious body butters. Pick your passion, but my favorit is the Snarky Butter! It’s lightly scented with floral undertones and sandalwood – gives a clean feel! 10916701_10206167425927568_2111422180550982785_o

Spring Skin

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bff3Make a conscience decision to boost your beauty regime this spring and here are a few quick tips as to how:

  1. Exfoliate weekly to clear away dry, dead skin in a flash and always put your best face forward. The BFF exfoliator I use is gentle enough for daily use so you never have to go a day without your BFF! In addition to lasting longer than standard face washes beause of the millions of microbeads it contains aloe. The aloe contains beneficial minerals, enzymes, antimicrobials, amino acids, and sugars. Full of antioxidants which help the body repel free radicals and reduce skin damage.
  2. Protect your skin with a daily SPF. Choose a SPF that is light enough to wear under your makeup, free of harmful radicals that clog your pores and at least a 30 SPF for the best protection. I use My Hero facial sunscreen each day it contains Allantoin,  natural chemical compound that moisturizes, soothes irritated skin and stimulates new skin growth. Allantoin is also an effective anti-inflammatory and can reduce redness and flaking it’s commonly used to treat burns, scars, and similar wounds.
  3. Moisturize your skin if you aren’t already using a moisturizer each day and night you should consider adding one before the Spring allergies and itchy, scratchy fee kicks in! I love Moisturize 911 because itM911 wakes up your complexion with a blast of natural glycerin moisture and a caffeine kick that tightens and brightens. Apply as often as needed for skin that is awake and absolutely radiant.

What is Perfectly Posh

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posh to meet you spring 2015To make a proper Posh introduction, I think it’s best that you try out the Posh to Meet you set, buy one for you and a friend! For $19 we are inviting you to trade in your hand cream, lip balm and soap/shower gel and give us a shot.

If you are convinced yet, let me entice you with the details behind this kit!

Lil Snarky Hand Cream: Apricot kernel oil gives hands a big, fat dose of hydration—and nothing else! No annoying, greasy feeling, just pure moisture and the scent of exotic flowers and sandalwood with serious attitude!

Seas the Day Chunk Bar: Shea butter and wild cherry extract bring a wave of beachy perfection to your skin with a splash of agave fragrance. You’ll be ready to Seas the Day after every shower!

Scrumptious Sunshine Lip Balm: Your lips will soak up sunshine and softness with this orchard orange lip balm! Our shea butter and beeswax-loaded formula will bring your lips lasting, superior hydration. And the sweet orange scent will transport you to gorgeous orange groves each time you open the tube! It’s moisture at its most scrumptious.


At home Spring Pedicures

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It’s that time of year before you get your feet in the sand you want to make sure that your feet aren’t going to scare anyone away! I want to introduce you to the simplest, quickest best at-home Pedicure I’ve ever done and I’m a girl with experience.

heebiejeebie_staged1. Apply the Heebie Jeebie foot peel kit: The vegan blend of natural skin exfoliators deeply penetrates to remove years of dead skin on your feet and toes. Old, cracked, and dry skin simply peels away to give you weeks of soft, smooth feet about 7–10 days after use. Simply apply to feet and place on socks (which come with the kit)

10923282_10155206946955494_4886164683735648003_nand relax for an hour before rinsing them with warm water. It gently peels away layers of dead skin and you’ll feel great about jumping into the sand dunes this summer!

2. After treatment is complete, apply Schwanky & Soft Exfoliating Créme nightly to maintain fabulous feet for six to eight weeks or longer.

If you like to scrub gently to help remove skin you can also try the Rubby Scrubby with gentle peppermint exfoliating beads to die for! Let me tell you I’ve done it all from the Ped-egg the Amope Pedi, I even tried something once that was to remove dead skin but the instructions had be vigorously rubbing my feet with my hands for an hour after – that’s not fun or relaxing!

Facial Sunscreen

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LN1009-My-Hero-FB2As we get into the Spring and Summer you should be using a sunscreen each day before stepping out in the harmful rays!  You need a hero to protect and defend your skin from the sun’s damage. Never fear, Look Natural is here with exactly what you need! Naturally block harmful rays without harsh chemicals and protect your face all day long. Apply daily for best defense.

Allantoin is natural chemical compound that moisturizes, soothes irritated skin and stimulates new skin growth. Allantoin is also an effective anti-inflammatory and can reduce redness and flaking and is commonly used to treat burns, scars, and similar wounds.